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For The Sweet Love of Sweet: 5 Desserts From 5 Countries!

Dessert is a must for all of us, no matter how copiously jam-packed our stomachs are. There is always a little space left to cramp in the pastries and cupcakes after a meal. It is a known fact that each country has its own speciality when it comes to sweets and desserts. Thus, focusing on five such popular desserts from five different countries, located all over the world, here is a comprehensive list to sum it up. Indulge in them and make your taste buds happy. Very happy!

Pavlova from New Zealand

The most popular dessert from the land of kiwis is undoubtedly Pavlova. Named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, the overflowing sweetness of egg whites whipped with sugar and topped with seasonal fruits is a winner for all the people who are obsessed with desserts. It is so light and so soft that munching through it, you will realise that it does justice to its namesake.

Baklava from Turkey

Almost all online cakes delivery bakeries have them for one reason, once you start eating a Baklava, you actually cannot stop. Served alongside tea and fruits, as a post-dinner snack in Turkey, Baklava is a cool dessert to divulge into. The sugar bomb as it is has layers filled with pistachio. No wonder you can eat through it without a wince.

Dorayaki from Japan

Anyone who has any idea about anime will know that how popular Dorayaki are. The animated character Doraemon was obsessed about it, and so are most of the people in Japan, and the rest of the world. As a combination of two Japanese confectionaries, the small disc shaped cakes look like a gong, from which it also derives its name.

Gajar ka halwa from India

It goes without saying that India is the land of sweets. With each region of the country having a special dessert to add to its name, there is abundance in the options available. However, when it has to boil down to choosi9ng one such sweet dish, it comes to everyone’s favourite, Gajar ka halwa. Primarily made by mixing carrots, milk and sugar together, they are served hot with ghee and after a sumptuous meal. You can get a variety of sweets online from popular sweet shops. 

Tres Leches Cake from Mexico

Tres Leches cake from Mexico is one such dessert which can make grown men swoon. The delicate sponge cake is soaked in a mixture of three kinds of milk which makes it sinfully rich but amazingly tasty. It is light and airy and often comes with a coat of whipped cream. Now that is some dessert to indulge into!

So whichever delicacy you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with, you can get online cake order options with popular bakeries. They are all freshly oven baked by pâtissier and are accessible at reasonable prices, making them a noteworthy splurge.

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